Branding and Identity, 2019

Our role as workshop monitors entailed the designing and printing of the identity and collaterals for our end-of-year showcase, the VISCOM Show

We, a group of four, thought up a concept that would allow the student body to curate the bulk of the visual identity to further emphasize the idea of us as one cohort of multi-talented and faceted individuals coming together to create as one. However, we wanted it such that, while still cohesive, our unique quirks would still be apparent. 

We each created four sets of characters spelling out VISCOM, which were then disseminated to the student body for them to create their own compositions on a given template. We each also created and printed our own A0 posters to advertise the show around the school.

Within the group, I was tasked to create a set of wayfinding strips to direct students and parents to the respective venues. I used the ‘V’ characters to mimic arrows to direct guests to each exhibition.