The Garden of Eden:
Naga Folktales

Research, Illustration and book design, 2017

This is a research project I participated in, in conjunction with NTU’s Undergraduate research programme (URECA) where I illustrated and designed a children’s book based on a traditional Angami folktale.

The Angami community are native to the North-East region of India, also known as Nagaland. Due to colonialism and the onset of globalisation, their native language Tenyidie, is dying out. This project came to fruition in an effort to raise awareness surrounding their language and stories through the production of bilingual illustrated material in both Angami and English.

I worked closely with Mr Kenei Kuotsu, an Angami native, to accurately depict the beautiful landscapes of Nagaland. I knew how important it was to ensure that their culture was depicted properly to also further strengthen their sense of belonging and pride. The validation that comes with seeing a part of your culture illustrated, distributed and appreciated is often undervalued and was the focus of my project. 

I also thoroughly enjoyed the process of researching and analysing the entire process of creating this book in itself. It was refreshing and challenging to ensure that every design and illustrative decision was made with cultural sensitivity and intense research in mind. 

Download the Research Paper here!