An Hour In Geylang

Editorial Design and Illustration, 2017

This zine captures the sights and sounds, specifically the music I was listening to, while spending exactly an hour in the infamous red light district of Singapore, Geylang. As Geylang activities are mainly nocturnal, I visited it during the day and tried to pay attention to the little details in the architecture while leisurely listening to my favourite beats.

Everytime I would notice something that would pique my interest, I would stop and note down the song I happened to be listening to, and begin sketching.   

The bold red cover of the zine with the word ‘GEYLANG’ unapologetically displayed on the front would cause everyone to immediately associate the zine with the red light activities of Geylang. However, its contents, with the deliberately unfinished sketches of the neighbourhood, would then portray this idea of an incomplete and unclear representation, suggesting to the readers that they may be overlooking the details and in essence the realities of the infamous red district.